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September 10, 2005 - GUHoyas - Coach John Thompson III Offers Prizes as Part of Hurricane Relief Effort

Coach John Thompson III Offers Prizes as Part of Hurricane Relief Effort
Rare "Behind the scenes" view of the basketball program offered
Sept. 10, 2005

Washington DC - Hoya Paranoia- whether you believe it is an "Us vs Them" mentality that Georgetown teams have used to great success or think it refers to the dread opponents feel about facing GU's trademarked and relentless defense, it does exist.

Coach John Thompson III has continued the tradition of running closed practices behind locked doors. Now, in an unprecedented move, as part of the effort to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina, he is lifting the veil of secrecy for lucky Hoya fans.

As a member of the organizing committee for the Coaches' hurricane relief effort, Coach is offering two "Hoya Paranoia" prizes for auction.

John Thompson III: Hoya Paranoia 1 - Get a rare peek at Georgetown Basketball's game plan with an exclusive invitation to a pre-game practice. Join the Hoyas for a breakdown of their game strategies as they prepare for Providence on January 5, 2006. Package includes two court-side seats at the MCI Center that night to watch the Hoyas in action.

John Thompson III: Hoya Paranoia 2 - Join Basketball Hall of Famer John Thompson Jr. as a guest at his daily Washington, DC sports talk show. Follow that up with two court side seats to relive one of the greatest BIG EAST rivalries as Georgetown faces St. Johns at the MCI Center on February 9, 2006.

These prizes will be available at allcoachescare.com on September 14 when a massive online sports auction will be held to raise money so that Habitat for Humanity can begin rebuilding after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.


Good to see the Hoyas helping off the court, although I wonder why the Hoyas have been so insistent upon closed practices, particularly given that some of the recent Hoyas teams were, to say the least, under-achieving. Were the company secrets really that valuable? It's not like Bill Belichick's defense was going to be stolen; until maybe last season, the team's game-plans had been pretty atrocious for some time.
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