Saturday, July 05, 2008


7/5: Report from First Tombs Kenner Game

Some notes from the Tombs game:

Monroe looks big and can definitely grow into his frame. He runs the floor well. He's got a great array of post moves and looks very comfortable on the low block. He's big enough that he can muscle his way to the basket. He can face up from the perimeter and take his man off the dribble He found Clark cutting to the basket on a give-and-go from the post.

On the down side, he took a three that didn't look natural or comfortable.

He's also got good positional sense on help defense, stepping in position to close down the lane.

Sims really impresses. He strokes the three (old line), turnaround jumper from 15 feet, cuts to the basket from the high post to score, and blocks shots jumping vertically (ie not into the shooter and he doesn't leave his feet on pump fakes). Had a good pass from the high post resulting in a bucket for Monroe in the low post. You get the feeling we may see a lot more of this.

Defensively, sims will block shots as a help defender, but he has difficulty playing post defense. he lacks the bulk to hold position down low. It was hard to tell how good Monroe was defensively in the post as he was seldom challenged

Clark is very slight, but pretty quick. He led the break and finished on one early possession and sank a three on the next. He can beat his man off the dribble and played a bit of point (as I understand he did on his AAU team).

Nikita is not having a good day. Plenty of fouls, not making jumpers, stripped of the ball once. Hustle play toward the end of the game, but not much to go on from this game.

Omar sank a three but get too many more looks. He did put on 25 pounds since last year his brother tells me.


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