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Balla's Pre-season Summary

I don't know what the policy is for posting another person's message board entry on a blog, but Balla's post on the Georgetown Board was a great introduction to the coming season. Here's the link to his original post at hoyatalk.

So what is new. Hope everyone has been well (almost everyone). ;D A lot to get to, and I am not going through the two months of threads to answer everything. so I will try and address everything in this post. If anyone has questions, just ask me in this thread.

On a somber note, condolences to Tim Russert's family. Mr. Russert technically was not a Hoya, but he was on campus enough to have gained tenure. He certainly was one of the good guys. I have heard good things about his son, so I am sure he will make his pops proud.

Congratulations to Roy and Pat. When my blackberry blew up after both got drafted, I admit I got choked up. For those of us that have known Roy going on a decade and Pat going on two decades, we could not be any prouder of what they have achieved thus far in their lives. basketball is irrelevant. The young men that they have become is what is important, regardless of how their basketball careers turn out. Funny, half a dozen scouts and GMs told me that Pat was a second round lock months before the draft. Yet for some reason, none of the so called experts had him getting drafted. Pat could be one of those guys that plays in the league for ten years for ten different teams, but he will find a place. I find it comical that people say Roy messed up by coming back to college. We live in a country that over half of African American kids do not graduate from high school, and there are more black males in jail than in college. Roy EARNED his degree from one of the best universities in the world. In the process, Roy came from nowhere to become an excellent basketball player. Roy's progression as a STUDENT-ATHLETE enabled him to become a millionaire upon GRADUATING from college. Yeah, Roy messed up. I hope every kid could mess up like Roy Hibbert. ::) The Hilltop is a special place. I like the fact that people on the outside do not understand what it means to be a Hoya. They don't get it, and they never will. I luv this article about Roy and Monroe. Reach one teach one+, that is the Hoya way:

Malik Story. Well I was shanking golf balls in the Bahamas(dress like Tiger, play like Barkley) at the time of Malik's disappearance...err commitment to Indiana. So I have an alibi, and did not abduct him. However I did send Tom Crean a fruit basket. ;D I can't wait for more Rivals write-ups and post on more players that Gtown will NOT take. I hear Malik has a lot of groupies out in Utah, so perhaps a home and home can be arranged with IU. This will allow Malik's groupies to spend some quality time with him. So Malik Story's contribution to GU was a weekend of entertaining vitriol. Kinda like george w has contributed nothing positive except an $11 discount below Platt prices from SOMO for Basrah light crude oil. Of course ya gotta luv the Chinese that will buy it back on a flip at platt prices. Now that is the American way.

Chris Braswell. I wish him the best. He is a good kid that is trying to get things straight now. It is best for all that Braswell and Gtown went in different directions... Everyone has always done right by Chris(his mom, Gtown, Dematha, Triple Threat). He has some good people guiding him, and is now working hard. Wherever he ends up, I will just be happy to see him receive his college diploma eventually.

BTW. Speaking of DC. Triple Threat(reebok), coach Stevens is an excellent coach and does a great job with that program. Since Nike has pulled the plug on the DC. blue devils(weak program and weaker name), Nike should put its money behind Stevens' program. The Jeff Green ballers sounds good. ;)

It is funny how the tabloid Internet media/posters, like to claim certain players to be a Gtown "lock", or that Gtown is really recruiting a kid hard... Gtown moves in silence, despite what all of these Internet experts try and write-up or post. There has been a lot BS put out over the past couple of months. Some of the BS is from the usual suspects just trying to stir up interest. Some of the BS of from the other usual suspects trying to start stuff up, to create mis-information about recruits. Heck there are people in the media from various papers and recruiting sites basically trying to recruit players against Gtown or push these kids to different schools. These fools have never figure out that when they go against Gtown, they will lose. Heck, pieces of garbage like Jerry Meyers are in coach dookies office receiving "dictation"...

09 Prospects

NOTE: Everyone knows I do not sugar coat, so if you are related to anyone in the 09 class, you might want to skip over the this section. ;D

Let me make this clear, the 09 class is ABSOLUTELY GARBAGE! 09 might be worse than 08. Heck I have not seen such poop since the Paulus/Mcroberts class. Hoya fans should be ecstatic that JT3 got the two must get players (Hollis and Riley). Now Gtown is basically done with the 09 class. I stated this months ago, but for some reason the Internet idiots continue to try and hype up players that Gtown is/was not going to take. Fans should NOT expect Gtown to take anymore players in 09. The only way Gtown takes another player will be in the spring, after the staff has evaluated if any positions need to be filled for next year. Otherwise the squad is loaded for next season.

Terrel Vinson. Not happening. Nice kid, but not a good fit for GU. He is an undersized PF that is trying to become a SF. He does not have the perimeter skills or the interior skills to fit the GU system. Bottom line GU ain't taking him.

Ryan Kelly. Nice kid and good student, but he is this summer's Jon Reik plus Hansboroughesq hype. Kelly had a good 3-4 week stretch of aau ball/all star camp where he played very well. Frankly Kelly should name his first son after John Wall, because Wall has made him. Kelly is a decent shooter(streaky) and good passer, but he does nothing else well. He is a horrible defender at any position. Whoever thought that Kelly could play SF in the Big East, is a fool. And Kelly will get eatin up at PF in the Big East also. He is an ACC player(or ND because Brey is a dookie and ND does not play defense). Let the "experts' say what they want, and rank him wherever. Heck it just further under-scores how pathetic the 09 class is. The good thing about recruiting is that JT3 actually got to watch Kelly up close for about 6 weeks. Bottom line, Kelly is NOT Hoya material.

BTW. John Wall is the real deal. Wall just needs to improve his jump-shot, but he can flat out play. Unlike that over-hyped kenny boyton. boyton is this years undersized gunner. Every year there is a guy that is a short shooting guard that looks all world in aau/all start settings. These guys never pan out. The "experts" never learn that there is only one AI, then there are a whole bunch of chris duhons... The fact that boyton is so hyped just shows how awful the 09 class really is.

Tristan Spurlock. Like I said months ago, if Spurlock had been willing to wait until spring, there would be a chance that GU would take him and he could get what he wanted. GU was not going to take him now, and the staff wanted to watch him more during this up coming season. Frankly he was unimpressive his JR season, and aau ball does not mean much. So if a roster spot opens up in the spring, Kelly would have been on the short list. But he decided to commit to UVA now. UVA is a good fit for him. He is a good kid, and I wish him the best. Bottom line, GU was not going to have its hand forced according to a kid's timeline. Gtown was not going to take Spurlock unless he was willing to wait until spring.

Truth. A lot of kids recruit a program more than the program is recruiting them. It usually not over the top BS like Malik Story, but there is a lot of bunk that gets floated around.

BTW. Just want to thank RDF and Tonydeals, for actually speaking the TRUTH and ignoring the Internet tabloid posters and rumor mongers.

BTW #2. If there really had been something earth shattering that was going on with recruiting over this past summer, I would have dusted off the key-board and posted it.

Honestly the only player left in the 09 class worth using a schollie on would be Mouph. He is a man-child, a banger with shooting touch, and he is only getting better. But he is a 4/5, and PF is really that last position that Gtown needs to fill right now. Like I said about Donte Taylor, Plumlee, Milton Jennings, Kelly...none of these guys are essential needs unless they wanted to wait until the spring to see how things shake out. Next year at the PF/C the roster will have Monroe, Sims, Vaughn, and Riley. That is why fans should not expect GU to take another 09 player anytime soon. JT3 does not even know what the next years roster will look like, and what positions need to be filled yet. GU might need a combo guard, combo wing, or combo forward. The staff will be monitoring a lot of 09 players during the season, and we will see how things shake out in the spring... The usual suspects in the media will try and float out various names over the next few months and hope something sticks, but fans should not expect anything imminent.

Mouph vid:

Euro chicks luv the Goo Goo dolls. I do not know why, but whatever works. ;D

Breaking News! EDIT brett favre.

2010 Prospects

Gtown's real focus now is on the 2010 kids(and has been for a long time). There will be at least 3 schollies available for the 2010 kids, and probably 4.

Gtown's 2010 recruiting priorities are (and have always been):
PF. Josh Hairston
SF. Roscoe Smith
SG. Jason Morris
PG. Tyler Thornton

Hairston. I luv the kid. Like I have always said, he is a better shooting version of Jeff. Hairston is a perfect fit into the system as a point power forward like Jeff/Monroe. I would be disappointed if he ended up somewhere else. But the good thing about Hairston is that he is making his decision during his junior year. So if he decides to go elsewhere, that gives Gtown plenty of time to go after other 2010 PFs/combo forwards. The 2010 class is deep at both forward positions, so Gtown will have plenty of other options. Yes Hairston has a lot of people in his ear that want him to go to other schools. His mom is a Vtech alumn, so that is understandable. His aau/hs coaches are all pushing for dook. It is funny that Nolan Smith and his step-dad (DC assault coach), are both pushing for Josh to go to dook. Truth is, Nolan wanted to leave dook and transfer to Gtown. But JT3 does not get involved with that, and would not re-recruit a player until he has been released from schollie. So it was not going to happen. I wonder if coach dookie gave Josh his old "I will make you a man" shtick, like he gave this Josh:

Hairston Vid:

Roscoe. I could watch this kid play all day. Like I said long ago(before the media hype), Roscoe is the best player in MD in the 09 or 2010 class. He plays like an old-school Hoya with new-school skills. Sun is just relentless like a 6'7 AI. Yes, he needs to improve his outside shooting. But he is a hard worker and getting better everyday. Roscoe is a flat out balla. Unlike many wings from the B-more area, Roscoe has a complete game and just does not camp-out at the three point line. Roscoe plays hard on defense also. Roscoe has worked hard to improve his academic standings, and has good family support. After all, his pops is a Thompson. ;) 2010 is loaded with good SFs, if GU does not get Roscoe: CJ Fair, Terrance Jones are high on the Gtown radar. CJ is a great kid and excellent shooter. Hope he recovers from his knee injury. I'm sure the staff will be monitoring him during the season. Terrance Jones is a do it all type player. He really really needs to improve his jump-shot, but the rest of his game is very strong. There are of course a lot of other wings on the radar like Travis Mckie and Harrison Barnes, so Gtown has plenty of options.

Roscoe vid:

CJ Fair vid:

Terrence Jones vid:

Jones vid #2:

Jason Morris. He played all summer on a bad ankle, but he still brought it hard. He is a heck of an athlete and steadily improving basketball player. Jason has an explosive game, always attacking. He needs to improve his left hand(handles and finishing), but I luv his game. For those wondering about Dawkins, Dawkins never had an offer. He was always the back-up option to Morris. If anyone has seen both kids play frequently, they understand why Jason Morris was the priority recruit at this position.

Tyler Thornton. He is a mini JT3. The kid is just a winner. Tyler is a defensive dynamo with great handles, that knows how to lead a team. He is a high IQ player that can affect a game without taking a lot of shots. Yes, he needs to improve his jump-shot. But just like Roscoe, Tyler is working hard on it. It is funny that the dookies think that just because they offered Tyler that he is just going to float down to durham. Last I checked coach dookie has been there forever, and he has NEVER produced an elite NBA guard. Yet for some reason those idiots think that dook is guard U. Heck, outside of Grant, Brand, and Boozer, every player from dook has under achieved or not lived up to the hype. There are a lot of top PGs on Gtown's radar for 2010, of course Starks and Atkins are right there along with some national kids. Gtown will get a good PG regardless in 2010. The staff has watched Josh Shelby a lot, but he is more of an undersized SG than he is a PG. The Dematha coaches are working hard to make him more of a PG. But everyone in the DC area that has watched Thornton, Atkins, Shelby, and Starks, understands why Shelby is not as good a fit for Gtown as the other guards are.

Thornton and Atkins vid:

Starks vid:

Starks vid 2, #5 green:

Josh Smith(6'9 center from Seattle), is a probably the top center prospect. But Center is not an area of urgency for GU in 2010. I see Smith staying west (UW or ucla), but if he leaves the westcoast, Bigman U (Gtown) is a nice place to come.

Josh Smith vid:

Jeremy Tyler is probably as good a talent as there is in the 2010 class. But he really lacks focus, discipline, and fundamentals. Plus he has a lot of people in his ear, so we all know how his situation will play out.

Jeremy Tyler vid:

Summer viewing:

The Dark Knight(Batman). Excellent! It is about time that they made a good Batman movie.
Hancock. So they could not let Will Smith have a good hanky-panky scene with Cherlise Theron(hitting Ol gal with a rolling pin does not count). For the definition of a good Charlise Theron hanky-panky scene, I suggest watching 7 days in the Valley. :P
The Hulk. Much better than the one a few years ago. Ed Norton is underrated.(watch Rounders).
Indiana Jones. Well I already stated that George Lucus owes me $8.50. Make it an even $20 for that JaJa Binks character in Star Wars.
The Mummy. its about time to bury that franchise

When is Entourage coming back on? Best show eva (or at least recently). I need my fix.

So Jay Leno was the only thing good on NBC since the Cosby Show, and now they are canceling him. And no, I never watched Seinfeld or Friends.

BTW. There is something just wrong about watching "womans" gymnastics. :(
BTW #2. There is something just right about watching "womans" volleyball. ;D

2011 class.
Well now that these guys are about to be sophomores, it is time to put them on the radar. I will not go in-depth about them, because I prefer to wait until they have completed their soph seasons. Kudos to the staff for working the circuit this summer while JT3 was busy with team USA stuff. The 2011 class will be as strong if not stronger than the 2010 talent. There are some good ones that Gtown will be monitoring(and more to come): Michael Gbinjie(wing), Mike Shaw(PF), LeBryan Nash(SF), Tyrone Johnson(PG), Lavon Harper(PF), Chris Coleman(C), James McAdoo (PF/C),Ramon Eaton(wing) 6'6 Darius Nelson(wing) and some kid named Martin(combo guard), are all on the Gtown radar. There will be a lot more players added (and might already be) over the next year.

Forget about Mike Gillchrest, because he is already on the wes/calipari(memphis) payroll.

Speaking of memphis: It took the NCAA a second to investigate Kelvin Sampson then put IU on probation, yet memphis and usc investigations drag on and on...

Billy "little monkey"/dookie Packard = door.arse.out

Congrats to my man Clark Kellog. Although Mr. Raftery is the best eva, Raft has an agreement in place with Obama to become ambassador to Tahiti. Thus Raft could not make the longterm commitment to CBS. Now if CBS would just get rid of seth dookie davis, all would be well. I wonder if seth pointed out the officiating injustices when it comes to dookie:

BTW. Speaking of officials, tim daughney is garbage and got what he deserved. His father was garbage also( he was the ref that let christian laetner skate). So the trash does not fall far from the trash can...

Breaking news! EDIT bret farve's sycophants(espn)

Current Team

I have no expectations for this season (I expect to win it all next year, at least final 4). I am just going to sit back and enjoy watching these kids play and develop this season. Should be fun.

Sapp. Gotta step up in a leadership capacity. I luv the kid's heart, and Raftery size "onions". Sapp has to improve his conditioning, lateral quicks, and consistency from the perimeter(stop fading away).

Summers. He improved his defense and rebounding a lot from his freshman season. But this talk of Summers going pro is pre-mature. The same scouts and GMs that told me Pat was a second round lock, have told me that Summers in not a first round pick right now. The easiest position for teams(pro and college) to fill is SF. So a player either has to do a couple things great, or a lot of things good. Summers really needs to improve his handles, lateral quicks, and consistency on his shot. BTW. Summers is not a PF in college or pro. He only played there last season, because JT3 did not have much choice. Of course Summers playing PF last year helps to give the team more flexibility this season, particularly at the end of games. The good thing for Summers is that the 09 national class is WEAK. So if Summers stays for his senior season, there will not be many one and dones jumping over him. The 06 and 07 classes were strong, so there were a lot of one and done high draft picks. That will not happen much in 08 or 09.

Freeman. I luv his efficiency. He just gets it done. Freeman is the only player that can play both SG and SF, so his versatility will be needed. I am not going to get into the whole weight thing. He does need to get leaner. But like I said last season, Freeman has to get in better condition, improve his handles, and improve his lateral quicks.

Wright. This kid is a tough minded fighter, and will eventually be a good PG. This is almost like his freshman season, so he will have growing pains. But he is a smart kid, and will learn from his mistakes as he matures. He needs to become more discipline, make better decisions, and become a more consistent shooter(including free throws).

Monroe. I am ecstatic that he is a Hoya. He is a great kid, that will eventually become a great player. Like I said a year ago at this time long before Monroe officially committed to Gtown, he is a 2-3 year player. People that expect Greg to be one and done have not watched him, and do not understand where he is in his development. Monroe came to bigman U for a reason. He has things to work on and he will only get better. He needs to improve his back to the basket game, consistency on his shot, and post defense. Monroe is a hard worker(he is his mother's son), so he will get it.

Sims. WEIGHT ROOM! Sims is talented, versatile, and a good shooter. But he has to get stronger for the Big East, plus needs to improve his back to the basket game and defensive rebounding.

Clark. No secret, I luv this kids game. He plays HARD. Like a said last season, Clark is the best rebounder of all the incoming freshman and the best rebounder of anyone on the current roster. Now those that have had a chance to watch him in Kenner, understand what I was talking about. He has to improve his strength and consistency on his jump shot. he also needs to improve on his mid range game.

The incoming freshman are extremely talented and underrated(a good thing). Monroe was the LA and National(Wootten) player of the year. Sims and Clark were the MD and DC players of the year. The best talent in the country is in the local MD/DC/VA area, so they have earned their stripes. Plus Sims and Clark were well coached in high-school, so there a pretty fundamentally sound for incoming freshman. Having said that, all three have a lot of work to do. They all have to get stronger and need a quick learning curve. Oct/Nov will come quick, so now is the time for them to work even harder.

Vaughn. His eligibility is a welcome surprised. Julian Vaughn becoming eligible for this season is HUGE. Five fouls. No overstating how important the right amount of depth is. Now Gtown has three bigs(Sims, Monroe, and Vaughn). His personal situation is unfortunate, but from a basketball perspective, this is great. Michael Corleone...err JT3 has basically traded Macklin and Rivers, for Vaugh and Clark. I will take that trade just for free throw aesthetics alone. Vaughn has to improve his conditioning, body, leg strength, and back to the basket game.

Omar and Nikita. Both good spot-up shooters, but they have to get a lot quicker on defense if the expect to ever see quality minutes.

As for the who will start and how many minutes will each guy get, minutes are EARNED in practice and increased or decreased based on game performance. What a player did last year, in high-school, pick-up ball, or Kenner, does not matter. There are always pick-up ball all stars in the off season, that do not make the progression come fall. There is no substitute for hard work. This team has some serious talent, but everyone has to really improve their games between now and the fall.

Nice Kenner league recap blog:

Future Hoyas.

Hollis. WEIGHT ROOM! (and drop your butt on defense).

Riley. WEIGHT ROOM!(and work on your counter post moves).

I hope Obama does not pick another senator as his VP. The Dems have played that losing hand for two straight elections. Since Ted Strickland decided to tank it, Iowa plus Virginia still equals 20pts.

Obama needs to get his own surrogates(talking heads) on the air, like bunch of Ed Schultz. I'm am normally a Clintonian, but you play to win the game. Not that any of my fellow Clintonians would intentionally sabotage Obama, but Clinton people trying to promote Obama is like a Gtown grad trying to promote uconn. It just does not work.

BTW. in 2008 Presumptive/elitist = Uppity ::)

Breaking News! Brett Favre is the baby's daddy, not John Edwards.

BTW. Campbell Brown is painful to watch. That train-wreck will only be watchable during the election, then it is a gotts to go situation. Heck, why put off tomorrow, what you can do today. The AC 360 gal should knee-cap Campbell and take her spot.

BTW #2. What happened to the recruiting sub-board that was voted on. Soon school will start and the board will be inundated with endless preseason prognostications, poll gibberish, and the ever exciting playing time/position banter... Pretty good time to start that sub-board.

All in all life is good on the Hilltop. It has been a great summer, and lets look forward to the season.

In closing, I will quote my man the late great Bernie Mack, "I ain't never had no pumpkin pie". ;D

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